Why did we start making candy?

Just like every other product you find here, we wanted a hard candy that didn’t taste, well… like medicine!  So we headed off to the secret Verdantwaye™ R&D skunk works and didn’t come back until we had two winners.  One Sativa based and the other an Indica based medicated hard candy.  Eventually we added Sativasaurus™ and Yummy Bots™ to our medible lineup.

Sativa Bliss Bits™

Are you tired of your medicated edibles making you tired?  Well, so were we and that’s why we made our Sativa hard candy.  Made with extracts from our own Randy Dandy Sativa, it provides moderate pain relief and a gentle uplift that will chase the yawns away.


Sativa Hard Candy

Sativa Hard Candy

Indica Bliss Bits™

Ok, so maybe you are alright with a little body mellow when you medicate.  If you are then our Indica Hard Candy is perfect for you.  Just the right amount of our Mr. Nice Guy extract, blended to perfection with delicious flavors that are sure to please.

Indica Hard Candy

Indica Hard Candy


All our hard candies are dosed to 15mg THC per serving with 6 pieces to a serving.


We formulated our Sativa provide powerful, consistent daytime dosage.  Easy to chew and full of flavor these medicated gummies provide another alternative for oral dosing.


Yummy Bots™

Where there is Sativa we must balance with Indica.  Fun shapes, great taste and a consistent reliable dose.

Yummy Bots