In accordance with the 2011 amendment to RCW: 69.51A:

Cannabis grown by a collective garden for medical use may be:

  1. provided free to qualified members;
  2. provided in exchange for services rendered to the collective;
  3. provided for a fee based on a prorated share of facility, equipment, supplies and labor expenses incurred as part of planting, growing and harvesting cannabis.
  4. Donations of goods, services or monetary compensation for cultivation, processing and other related expenses shall not be construed as a purchase or distribution from one party to another.
  5. any combination of the above.


Bath Salts Large 15.00
Body Wash 10.00
Bruise Cream 5.00
Essential Oil Rub 20.00
Face Cream 20.00
First Aid Ointment 5.00
Frozen Heat 20.00
Headache Rub 20.00
Headache Stick 5.00
Lip Balm 5.00
Lotion 4 oz. 15.00
Massage Oil Large 30.00
Massage Oil Small 8.00
Pain Stick Large 15.00
Pain Stick Small 5.00
XXX Body Butter Lotion 20.00
Tincture 2 oz. 20.00
Hard Candy 5.00/5for20