We reported back in December that Verdantwaye™ had signed an agreement to be acquired by NW Green Acres.  Unfortunately NW Green Acres has lost their Tier 2 Producer Processor license and will not be able to take our products into the Washington Recreational Marijuana.

But fear not!  We are continuing our efforts to find a suitable home for our products.  Products that our friends and patients have come to know and love.

We have a couple of very interesting prospects and we will continue to update you here, on Facebook and Instagram.

In the meantime, come see us at the following locations:

Sonshine Organics Farmers Market
7077 Martin Way
Olympia Washington
Saturday 10:00 – 5:00
MMJ Universe
26130 SE Green Valley Rd
Black Diamond, WA
Saturday 11:00 – 5:00

We have always been and will continue to be by patients, for patients!


July 2016 brings an end to the current medical marijuana system in the State of Washington.  In short that means that Verdantwaye™ will cease to operate as a medical marijuana collective.  There is however a silver lining to that cloud.  Verdanywaye™ has been signed a definitive agreement with NW Green Acres LLC to take our product line into Washington’s recreational marijuana system.

We are hoping to be able to make this transition early in 2016 and cutting over from vending at the various farmers markets ( MMJ Universe in Black Diamond WA and Sonshine Organics in Olympia WA) and dispensaries.  We want to make every effort possible to make sure that if you are using our products today that you will have access to them in the future.

If you have a favorite recreational retailer that you would like to be able to purchase our products from, please let us know and we will contact them.


After the Wicked Witch of the West Senator Ann Rivers dispatched her league of flying monkey to tear the current medical marijuana system limb from limb King County prosecutor Dan Satterberg joined the melee.  He along with King County Sheriff have chosen to ignore the will of the people and have given all medical marijuana dispensaries in King County 30 days to cease and desist.   MMJ Universe in Black Diamond is one of those affected by this action and will close August 8, 2015.

What does that mean for us?

Since this has been our primary public contact point for patients we are moving to a new home.  Come find us at:

Sonshine Organics Farmers Market

7707 Martin Way E

Olympia WA

Saturday and Sunday

10:30 AM to 5:00 PM

Find more information about our new home Sonshine Organics Farmers Market

It isn’t enough that the Washington State Legislature has destroyed the Medical Marijuana system under the false pretense of “protecting patients”, now the Federal Government  is going to regulate the small cosmetic and soap makers out of business.


There will be more to follow.


It seems Richard Evans Schultes, the man who created the original taxonomy for cannabis in the 1970s, misidentified a C. afghanica plant as a C. indica plant. That one mistake began 40 years of confusion which has only been dispelled by McPartland’s research this year.

Article here

NEW Hours
MMJ Universe  Cannabis Farmer’s Market:
Every Saturday, 11 to 6
Every Sunday, Noon to 5
26130 SE Green Valley Rd
Black Diamond, WA 98010

Dollar Doobie Day

Sunday March 9, 2014 is Dollar Doobie Day at table 17!  We will have some of our beautiful Kali Mist done up into nice pre-rolls for only $1.00 donation.


You can find us at the MMJ Universe Farmers Market every Saturday and Sunday.  We have our full line of products and will gladly take custom orders.

MMJ Universe Cannabis Farmers Market – 26130 SE Green Valley Rd – Black Diamond, WA – Open 11 to 6 Every Saturday & Noon to 5 Every Sunday

Dear Representative,

The Washington Liquor Control Board as directed by Budget Proviso Language: 3ESSB 5034 Sec. 141(2) has issued its final Medical Marijuana Recommendations.  During the upcoming legislative session which commences January 13, 2014 you will be asked to consider those findings.

As a medical marijuana patient I am grateful that the people of Washington passed the Medical Use of Marijuana Act in 1998 as a ballot initiative (I 692), and the Washington State Legislature amended the Act in 2007 with Senate Bill 6032 and in 2010 with Senate Bill 5798.  These laws give me safe access to the medical marijuana that I need and allow me the right to form a collective garden from which all members benefit.

The final Medical Marijuana Recommendations, if adopted as submitted would effectively destroy a medical marijuana system that has been in place since 1998.

With just three words “Eliminate Collective Gardens” these recommendations rip the heart out of Washington’s successful medical marijuana program.  Many members of collective gardens would be physically unable to cultivate their own medical marijuana if not for the help and assistance of other members of the collective.  Collective gardens also allow patients to know exactly where their medical marijuana comes from and under what conditions it was cultivated.  Finally collective gardens assure those patients on fixed incomes or those who are in low income households can afford the medical marijuana that they need.

In 2008 when the Washington Department of Health clarified the law by adopting a rule defining a “60 day supply” of medical marijuana it was not done hastily or without considerable research and investigation.  If the current possession limits are imposed along with the restrictions on the number of plants in cultivation it will become impossible for the average medical marijuana patient to cultivate enough marijuana for their own use.  Limiting the number of plants to 6 in total is, to be frank, ridiculous.  Anyone with a basic understanding of cannabis cultivation knows that even in “perfect” conditions you will never be able to sustain a garden with such a small plant pool.   One infestation of spider mites, an occurrence of powdery mildew or infection of mosaic virus can quickly destroy a small garden and leave the medical marijuana patient without a supply for up to six months.

Finally without publicly accessible locations for collective gardens that are separate from the cultivation location, collective members will not be able to receive the benefits of membership.  The Legislature should continue to allow separate channels for recreational distribution and medical distribution of marijuana.  Medical marijuana patients rely on high Cannabidiol (CBD) strains of cannabis which have no value in the recreational market as they are psychoactive but NOT intoxicating which is the primary goal of recreational use.  Without a separate distribution channel for medical marijuana Washington medical marijuana patients will not have access to the specific strain of cannabis they need.

In closing I ask you to keep the Washington Medical Marijuana law intact and to vote to protect medical marijuana patient rights.

George Penzenik

Mossyrock, WA