Almost every cannabis enhanced product we are aware of starts with the story of a patient who has been failed by conventional western medicine.  Most are patients suffering from pain that was treated with powerful opiates or even more powerful synthetic narcotics, but at the expense of their quality of life.  Verdantwaye™ is no exception.  Our founder, Amy, after several horseback riding accidents and a horrible fall on ice covered concrete steps ended up needing to have all of the vertebra in her cervical spine fused in an attempt to relieve the intractable pain that she suffered.  Prior to her surgery she suffered from pounding headaches and extreme sensitivity to light and sound.  In 2000 she entered the University of Minnesota Medical Center Fairview and the results of that surgery can be seen below.

neck xray


A titanium plate, three mesh cages and six screws immobilized her neck after the cervical disc’s which were impinging nerves were removed.  The initial results were very good, but the doctors warned her that eventually the remaining joints would fail due to over use and the joints would develop osteoarthritis.  The doctors said that if she was lucky she would be pain free for a decade or more.  Unfortunately, they were wrong and by 2005 the joint failure became evident and signs of osteoarthritis could be seen in CT scans.

Luckily for Amy she lives in Washington state where medical cannabis available.  Realizing that she was slipping away into a perpetual opiate stupor she sought the help of a medical professional who would write her a medical cannabis authorization in compliance with RCW69.51a.

So now Amy is proud to offer to other medical cannabis patients in Washington State access to her formulas.  These were initially developed by her to provide relief from the osteoarthritis pain in her neck, but she soon discovered that they were capable of providing relief to an even broader range of ailments.